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The Importance of Exercise

by Jeremy Geffen

My name is Jeremy Geffen. I am the President of a management company for musicians and other talent. In addition to running my company, I also act as a consultant to Gene Roddenberry productions and am working on two unscripted television series and three scripted series. Yet I still make time to include an exercise regimen in my daily life.

Exercise is important in many ways. Naturally, many people immediately think about the physical benefits, of which there are many. Exercise helps you manage your weight and also fights health diseases and conditions. Individuals who stay active can lower cholesterol levels. People who are active are at a lower risk for strokes, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer and arthritis. Regular exercise increases stamina, which helps maintain energy through the day. The body learns to become more efficient with its energy supplies as it gets accustomed to regular aerobic activity. Finally, regular exercise also tones your muscles, giving you a healthier, more attractive appearance.

However, exercise is also beneficial for your career. People who exercise sleep better overall. Additionally, exercise is a great stress reliever. While people are concentrating on their exercise, they forget to think about stressors. And though it may sound contradictory, people who exercise have more energy than people who don’t. When they are done exercising, they enjoy the feel-good effect of released endorphins. Physical activity can improve mental clarity and focus, enabling people to perform at their very best during the work day. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, exercise improves an individual’s overall mood as it stimulates certain brain chemicals. Exercise is one of the best treatments for depression.

I urge you to begin an exercise regimen today and join me in reaping many of its benefits.

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Jeremy Geffen on Project Angel Food

Los Angeles resident Jeremy Geffen is an entertainment executive and has worked with well-known musical acts including Sisqo and Three 6 Mafia. In addition to his career, Jeremy Geffen enjoys giving back to the community. He contributes time to the nonprofit, Project Angel Food in California.

Project Angel Food strives to nourish individuals who are affected by life-threatening illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. To this end, the volunteers at the nonprofit cook and deliver food to those in need throughout Los Angeles County. The meals are nutritious and fresh, cooked by professional chefs and volunteers. In addition to assisting the chefs, the volunteers play an important role in addition to delivering food. When they deliver food, they are also providing compassion and an escape from the isolation that is experienced by many individuals who suffer from terminal illnesses. In the previous year, Project Angel Food delivered more than 700,000 meals to 2,200 people.

The nonprofit was founded in 1989 by Marianne Williamson as a branch of the Los Angeles Center for Living. At the time, the Project prepared 15 meals daily. Since then, the number of meals prepared has grown tremendously and the program’s outreach has expanded. Not only does the Project provide meals, but they also give each client presents on birthdays and during the holidays. Volunteers also provide clients with nutrition counseling in order to educate them about maintaining or improving their health.

Project Angel Food relies on its volunteer workforce to achieve its goals. Volunteers can help in the kitchen, in the office, with outreach, or at special events. To learn more about volunteering, visit www.angelfood.org.

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