About Jeremy Geffen

As President of Los Angeles-based Geffen Management Group, Jeremy Geffen has more than 12 years of artist management experience behind him. His current focus is on developing the careers of musicians and performers such as ex-Spice Girl Melanie Brown (Mel B) and NBA star and rapper Ron Artest. He is also involved in a number of television projects, with three scripted shows and two unscripted series in development. Additionally, Mr. Geffen recently facilitated a deal with a prominent studio and production company to remake an original scripted Gene Roddenberry story, which will continue the Star Trek legacy.

Jeremy Geffen earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, focusing on entrepreneurship. He subsequently took a mailroom position with the William Morris Agency that led to work in the firm’s television department. Mr. Geffen gained experience in Endeavor Talent Agency’s motion picture literature department before focusing his sights on music management. In 1998, Jeremy Geffen was hired as an assistant with Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope Tour, which led to employment with the music publication and management firm Shankman DeBlasio Melina Inc.

He gained additional music industry experience with the Creative Management Group, providing career guidance to R&B star Sisqó. In 2002, he became independent, forming Jeremy Geffen Management (JGM). JGM had initial success with clients such as J-Kwon and the Grammy-nominated production team TrackBoyz. The firm also engaged D12, a Detroit-based hip-hop supergroup that was pivotal in launching Eminem’s career.

Mr. Geffen continued his responsibilities with D12 following the successful sale of JGM to Sanctuary Management in 2005. As Senior Vice President at Sanctuary, he undertook D12’s tour planning, publicity, record label negotiations, and radio industry interactions. From 2006 to 2009, Jeremy Geffen operated a continuation of his earlier company, JGM, as Jeremy Geffen Entertainment.


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