Jeremy Geffen: How to Break into the Music Industry

With so many up-and-coming artists, many may wonder what it takes to break into the music business and become a success. Jeremy Geffen, president of Los Angeles-based Geffen Management Group, has managed musical artists such as Mel B, D-12, and Ron Artest, among others, for nearly a decade. Here, Jeremy Geffen shares his thoughts on how to break into the music industry.

Do whatever it takes: Whether it is becoming an intern, working in the mail room, or working as an assistant, many music industry executives acknowledge that with passion and perseverance, these entry-level jobs can lead to successful careers in the music industry.

Build a team: In order to succeed, a person must have a talented team of people behind them, including a manager and attorney who can help guide and advise. People should try to refrain from hiring friends or family as managers in order to avoid any sort of personal conflict. A manager should be hired based upon references and a solid reputation.

Engage in social media: With the advent of technology, social media sites are now the vehicle of choice for artists trying to break into the music business. Whether through Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, aspiring artists are relying on social media to obtain attention and exposure for their work.

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