Jeremy Geffen Discusses the Role of Personal Managers and Talent Agents

Jeremy Geffen serves as President of his own consulting company, Geffen Management Group. In this role, Jeremy Geffen draws on his experience in the fields of entertainment and talent management. Mr. Geffen began his career with the William Morris Agency, Inc. Starting in the mailroom, he eventually earned a promotion to the television department before joining The Endeavor Agency, LLC. He later served as General Manager at Creative Management Group. Jeremy Geffen outlines the basic roles and responsibilities of personal managers and talent agents.

Artists and other entertainment professionals often require a team of people to help them keep their careers on track, including an entertainment lawyer, personal manager, and a talent agent. The roles of managers and agents often overlap and can be difficult to define, but most artists employ both on a commission basis.

A personal manager handles a wide range of duties that include obtaining gear, selecting material, and resolving disputes within a band or group. The manager whom an artist selects depends largely on his or her budget and needs. The individual can vary from an old friend who has grown with the group or artist from the beginning to a large, professional management agency.

At each stage in an artist’s career, the individual may need varied assistance from a manager, depending on his or her business acumen, interests, and professional success. While some entertainers require a great deal of personal assistance and support, others mainly seek business advice and recommendations from a personal manager. Some managers may handle the duties of a talent agent, like booking gigs and planning tours. However, more experienced artists hire separate professionals to serve as personal managers and talent agents. Legal questions that pertain to negotiating the details of contracts should not be the responsibility of a manager or agent. The specialized issues are best dealt with by someone with legal experience.

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